Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of commonly asked questions, click any of the questions below to view the answer.

How do I install Applied Energistics?

Simply place the zip file in the mods folder of your Minecraft w/ Minecraft Forge Installation.

What are all these config options for?

AE is extremely customizable, please see this page for details on the different, options.

What kind of power does ME use?

Detailed Information: Energy Usage Information. Both the ME Controller and standalone ME Chests require either

  • Buildcraft (1 MJ = 5 Unit)
  • Universal Electricty (20 Joule = 1 Unit)
  • IndustrialCraft2 (1 EU = 2 Unit)

Can you configure Priorities for Inventories?

Yes, theres a small wrench tab on the side of the gui for ME Chest, ME Drive, or ME Storage Bus click on it to adjust the priorities.

Do you or will you add or have you  liquid support?

I have no plans for doing any liquid support at this time, you can look into Extra Cells however it has new liquid support.

What languages and Localization are available?

Currently Russian, Spanish, and German translations are available, if you want to help and improve localization you can help out at

Why won't my Terminal / Export Bus / etc Connect to my Colored Cables?

To make a terminal, export bus or another colored block connect to colored cable, you must place the block against another colored block, or cable. This way it will take on the color of what you place it on.

Are Xycraft Quartz and AE Quartz compatible, and what about Nether Quartz?

No, they are all different. Xy Quartz, AE Quartz, and Nether Quartz can be used to make the basic tools, however most uses of quartz for ME Blocks / Items use specifc types of quartz as they require specific properties of each type of quartz.

How do I tell what resources my Automated Crafting is missing?

The best way is to use the ME Crafting Monitor. It lets you view pending crafting jobs, see what the system is missing, and cancel jobs or sub-jobs, allowing you to interact with the crafting pipeline.

How do I decode an Encoded Pattern?

Hold it in your hand like you would a tool, then sneak+right click. Remember you can also re-encode or edit a pattern in the encoder.

Can I take apart a lower tier drive to use its Storage Cell/block to make a bigger one?

Yes. Make sure its empty, then hold it in your hand like you would a tool, then sneak+right click. Make sure you have a free slot in your inventory so it has somewhere to place the extra part. If you need to empty it consider using an ME IO Port.

How can I quickly move all the _____ to a new cell or network?

By using the ME IO Port and ME Partition Editor you can quickly pull certain items from your storage network, and move them to another network.

How can I re-organize my Storage Cells?

If you are trying to optimize your space usage, you can stick previously un-preformatted cells in your ME IO Port and quickly send the contents to newly preformatted cells in your network.

I heard this works with Logistics Pipes!

You can put a request pipe next to an interface to let ME see your LP setup, or you can put a provider pipe next to an interface to let LP see your ME storage. If you're sinking items into your storage, use an ItemSink Module instead of a basic pipe; this will allow LP to stop inserting properly if the network is full.

I have this awesome idea for your mod, want to hear it?

Sure make sure its not listed HERE, and tell me on IRC or post on the thread.

How do I get various Buses and Terminals to connect to my colored cable?

Place the Import/Export Bus or Terminal ON the colored cable. It will assume the color of the cable its placed on.

Does this mod require any other mods to work?

Technically, no. It will function stand-alone. However I have worked with the APIs of other mods, and with some other moders to help improve integration, plus this mod covers mostly very high-tech level items, so it would be kinda silly to use it by itself.

In short: "I suggest playing Applied Energistics with other mods!"

Is this supposed to replace BC Pipes/RP2 Tubes/Logistics Pipes?

No. It is designed to work with them via interfaces and provide alternate storage / crafting and is not intended to replace any other mod, or its functionality. In fact AE has Bi-Directional Support with Logistics Pipes for sharing storage.

How fast are items transported?

ME Cable transfer items instantly.

How fast are items crafted?

This is a difficult question to answer. Lower End Assembler chambers can be slow when crafting complicated items. However simple items can be crafted rather quickly. If your assembly chamber contains a decent number of CPU's it can become much faster. However, if you rely on external processing in furnaces or other machines, this can slow things down considerably.

Can I use this in a mod pack?

Yes, Don't ask for permission you already have it, if you want proof, just send people to this FAQ.

Does this work with INSERT MOD HERE?

I've yet to find any major issues with any other mods that I play with, which is a pretty sizable list. If you find any issues, let me know Here.

Is AE Open Source?

AE Is currently not open souce, please don't ask about why, or if it will be, I may eventually feel like opening it up but for now its not.

I'm a mod author how can I get AE to move my tiles with spatial storage?

As long as your tiles don't mind being moved just call,

FMLInterModComms.sendMessage( "AppliedEnergistics", "movabletile", "appeng.common.AppEngTile" );

Where the third argument is the class, or base class of the tile entity.

if your mod requires special code to accept movement, then it can use the API to better support them.

Feature _____ Doesn't work; It crashes, or Ahh my game exploded!

If you've tried everything you can think of, and you something is behaving oddly or crashing your game, the best way to send me bug reports is IRC.

If I'm not on or you can't use IRC then post them here

PLEASE attempt to read your crash reports and resolve Item / Block conflicts on your own. I'll attempt to fix any bugs / issues I can based on the crash reports or other feedback.

All my Drives Wiped Clean, or All my Storage Cells are gone

This is probably related to another mod called TickThreading, which can cause issues with Saving Chunk Data. The end result of these tends to be these issues.

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By AlgorithmX2
Certus Quartz Ore
Unmined certus quartz
Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz crystal with qualtiies that allow it to store energy.
Certus Quartz Dust
Ground Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz Grind Stone
Block which when used with a crank, can grind many ores and crystals into dusts.
ME Basic Processor
Crafting ingredient for a large amount of ME Technology.
ME Advanced Processor
Crafting ingredient for a some ME Technology.
Vibration Catalyst
Vibrates the molecules in the targeted block causing it to go though a process similar to smelting.
Entropy Accelerator
Accelerates the ageing and cools of a single block in the world.
ME Wireless Access Terminal
Wireless access terminal for use with wireless access points.
Matter Cannon
A small hand held device which is capable of shooting small nuggets of matter
Quantum Field Ring
Outer blocks of a quantum network bridge, take power and propagate network signal to and from the bridge
Quantum Entangled Singularity
A pair of items which are used to establish a connection between network bridges.
ME Pattern Provider
A part of the MAC multi-block that stored encoded patterns.
ME Crafting CPU
Crafting CPU for use in the MAC Multiblock
ME Heat Vent
Forms the outside walls of the MAC Multiblock
ME Assembler Containment Wall
Containment wall which forms the outside frame of the MAC Multiblock
ME Controller
The controller is the heart of any ME Network, it also accepts power for the network.
ME Drive
Drive which can store up to 10 Storage Cells, and provides their inventory to the network
ME Chest
A simple single storage cell machine which gives direct access to the contents of a single cell, and provides the cells inventory to the network.
ME Access Terminal
Gives full access to the entire content of an ME Network
ME Crafting Terminal
Terminal which also functions as a Crafting table.
ME Crafting Monitor
Displays information about active crafting jobs, and lets you cancel jobs.
ME Cable
Uncolored cable that can connect ME Devices.
ME Import Bus
Imports items into the network, by removing them from the connected inventories
ME Export Bus
Exprots items out of the network, by placing them into connected inventories
ME Level Emitter
Outputs redstone signals depending on the number of a configured item in the network.
ME Storage Bus
Includes an external inventory such as a chest, into the networks storage.
ME Interface
Acts like a small inventory that can import and export to the network, also used in the crafting process.
ME IO Port
Can load and unload storage cells into and out of the network connected.
ME Wireless Access Point
Provides a range of wireless access at the point where the item is placed.
ME Dark Cable
Toggleable cable which can be used to segment your network into diffrent segments to alter functionality or reduce power drain.
ME Storage Monitor
Can be configured to display the number of a specific item that are stored in the network; can also be upgraded to insert / remove that item.
ME Power Relay
Block which accepts power and relays it to attached networks
ME Transition Plane
Surface which converts anything that touches it into energy form
P2P Tunnel
Point 2 Point Tunnel which can be configured to route items/power/liquids from one point to another in a network.
Spatial Pylon
A Marker used to mark a region of space for capture or deploy ment
ME Spatial IO Port
An IO Port used to capture / deploy regions of space defined by pylons.
ME Pattern Encoder
Used to convert blank patterns, into encoded patterns.
ME Partition Editor
Configure Storage cells to hold diffrent types of items and change how your system stores items.
ME Condenser
Condenses items and blocks into raw energy which can be dispersed or converted into a few select items
ME Bus Memory Card
Memory card that can be used to store, and transfer settings