ME Security

** This Feature is planned, and not yet available in game. **

** Design is tentative and will likely undergo changes as development continues.**

Before We Begin

Note: This system is not intended as a system to prevent griefing, if you want to prevent greifing you will need a real system in place to provide this feature, the feature described here is a game player feature, designed to allow players to build and secure interesting systems and potential game play uses.


Server Optional

ME Security will be optional, you can fuly disable it if you want to.

The Stucture Blocks can also be disabled while retaining the security block, this means however that the systems will need to be secured other ways.


ME Security Overview

ME Security adds user based permissions to your ME Network to allow different levels of access to your precious storage.  It is still intended that you physically protect the core of your network (Controller, ME Drives).  Ownership of a network is derived from placing the Controller block in the world, breaking and replacing that block will change the owner.  Unauthorized players will be unable to place an ME block in proximity to an existing secured network.  Secure your Controller!!


Configuring ME Security.

ME Security is managed via a new ME Security Block (Shiny Name TBD) with a keycard system.  The Owner (Or User with Admin Level Access) uses a crafted keycard to right click a player, this imprints the keycard with the player information.  (Shift right click with keycard in hand to blank it.)  The keycard is then placed in the ME Security Block GUI to configure permissions for that player and the configured keycard is placed in ME Security block storage to activate the permissions on the network.  A particular keycard can be removed from the storage at any time by an Admin to revoke user access.  The ME Security block is connected to the network and should also be physically secured.


Structure Blocks

AE will also include a door, and a Solid block which can prevent physical access, based on the same restrictions, this will allow you to build a secure system without any other mods.


ME Permissions

By default anyone with an active keycard will be able to connect to the terminal and view items and item counts.

Deposit - Allowed to place items into the ME network.

Withdraw - Allowed to remove items from the ME Network.

Craft - Allowed to request crafted items from an attached MAC or Processing Interface

Build - Allowed to modify the network, placing buses/cables and configuring import/export settings.

Security - Allowed to modify keycard permissions and add new users to the system.














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Certus Quartz Ore
Unmined certus quartz
Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz crystal with qualtiies that allow it to store energy.
Certus Quartz Dust
Ground Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz Grind Stone
Block which when used with a crank, can grind many ores and crystals into dusts.
ME Basic Processor
Crafting ingredient for a large amount of ME Technology.
ME Advanced Processor
Crafting ingredient for a some ME Technology.
Vibration Catalyst
Vibrates the molecules in the targeted block causing it to go though a process similar to smelting.
Entropy Accelerator
Accelerates the ageing and cools of a single block in the world.
ME Wireless Access Terminal
Wireless access terminal for use with wireless access points.
Matter Cannon
A small hand held device which is capable of shooting small nuggets of matter
Quantum Field Ring
Outer blocks of a quantum network bridge, take power and propagate network signal to and from the bridge
Quantum Entangled Singularity
A pair of items which are used to establish a connection between network bridges.
ME Pattern Provider
A part of the MAC multi-block that stored encoded patterns.
ME Crafting CPU
Crafting CPU for use in the MAC Multiblock
ME Heat Vent
Forms the outside walls of the MAC Multiblock
ME Assembler Containment Wall
Containment wall which forms the outside frame of the MAC Multiblock
ME Controller
The controller is the heart of any ME Network, it also accepts power for the network.
ME Drive
Drive which can store up to 10 Storage Cells, and provides their inventory to the network
ME Chest
A simple single storage cell machine which gives direct access to the contents of a single cell, and provides the cells inventory to the network.
ME Access Terminal
Gives full access to the entire content of an ME Network
ME Crafting Terminal
Terminal which also functions as a Crafting table.
ME Crafting Monitor
Displays information about active crafting jobs, and lets you cancel jobs.
ME Cable
Uncolored cable that can connect ME Devices.
ME Import Bus
Imports items into the network, by removing them from the connected inventories
ME Export Bus
Exprots items out of the network, by placing them into connected inventories
ME Level Emitter
Outputs redstone signals depending on the number of a configured item in the network.
ME Storage Bus
Includes an external inventory such as a chest, into the networks storage.
ME Interface
Acts like a small inventory that can import and export to the network, also used in the crafting process.
ME IO Port
Can load and unload storage cells into and out of the network connected.
ME Wireless Access Point
Provides a range of wireless access at the point where the item is placed.
ME Dark Cable
Toggleable cable which can be used to segment your network into diffrent segments to alter functionality or reduce power drain.
ME Storage Monitor
Can be configured to display the number of a specific item that are stored in the network; can also be upgraded to insert / remove that item.
ME Power Relay
Block which accepts power and relays it to attached networks
ME Transition Plane
Surface which converts anything that touches it into energy form
P2P Tunnel
Point 2 Point Tunnel which can be configured to route items/power/liquids from one point to another in a network.
Spatial Pylon
A Marker used to mark a region of space for capture or deploy ment
ME Spatial IO Port
An IO Port used to capture / deploy regions of space defined by pylons.
ME Pattern Encoder
Used to convert blank patterns, into encoded patterns.
ME Partition Editor
Configure Storage cells to hold diffrent types of items and change how your system stores items.
ME Condenser
Condenses items and blocks into raw energy which can be dispersed or converted into a few select items
ME Bus Memory Card
Memory card that can be used to store, and transfer settings