Requested Features

Below are a list of suggested changes, and their status. If you want something added to the list log-on to #AppliedEnergistics on and let either AlgorithmX2 ( The Author ) or Wylker know, and we'll add it to the list.

Undecided - Requested Features

  • Visual indecator on Interfaces to indicate possible delays / problems.
  • Block Deployer ( opposite of transition plane ) - AE2
  • Have crafting monitor indicate when crafting can't be completed due to storage limitations.
  • Show recipes that are external processing seperate from internal processing. ( MAC )
  • Seperate Crafting Monitor to View Automated Jobs, and Manual Jobs.
  • Placeable Wireless Access Terminals / Wireless Storage Montiors?
  • Dyeable wireless access terminals.
  • Multi-Channel wireless access terminals.
  • Multi-Channel Import/Export/Level Emitters ( MFR Rednet )
  • Wireless Crafting Monitor ( probobly integrated into terminal )
  • Inventory add / remove items to player inventory.
  • Craft to amount on demand, instead of craft X.
  • Implement ITeleport for LP
  • Open Crafting Gui from storage monitor.
  • Visual representation of Wireless range.
  • Directional Wireless
  • Recently Requested Jobs / items / Status.
  • Player Trading / Villager Trading.
  • More Placement Orientations for Drives / Controllers - AE2
  • Chainable Level emitters ( have an input status as well )
  • Storage Bus Read Filter vs Writer Filter.
  • Fuzzy Level Emitter - AE2
  • Fuzzy Storage Monitor
  • Allow recipes that take cables to use colored / covered cables. - AE2
  • Show Power usage info on controller screen - AE2
  • Edit bus configuration remotely.
  • Intermedite Pattern Flag and Visiblity Option. ( Hide certain patterns ) - AE2 ( view cells )
  • Network Emitter - ( power levels / crafting active / crafting stalled / booting status )
  • InvTweaks Based Terminal Sorting.  - AE2
  • Power Generation for AE specifically - AE2
  • Ability to sort in terminals by Thaumcraft aspects

Planned Features

  • Interdimensional / Wireless Network Connections. Done rv12.a
  • Preformat-Based on Contents. Done rv11
  • Enabling use of NEI to hint patterns in Crafting Terminal. Done rv10.c
  • Preformatter grid should be 9x7 to allow full type capacity. Done rv11.a
  • Cancel button for crafting screen. Done rv11.a
  • Add IO behavior on storage buses. ( read only / write only / both ) Done rv12.a
  • Optional Crafting behavior on interface. Done rv13.a
  • Network Security and Protection - AE2
  • Custom Categories for Browsing Items in Terminals. - AE2 ( View cells )
  • A "Teleportation" System that can move blocks / players from point to point. Done rv14.a
  • Add an option to pause terminal upates.
  • Blacklist items for storage buses and storage cells. Done rv13.a
  • Blocking vs. Non-Blocking mode for Interface based crafting. Done rv13.a

Planned Crafting Changes

  • Support for Multiple Patterns / Job splitting for crafting. Done rv13.a
  • Support for more then one pattern per item, with priority.
  • Display meesage about low space if there is no room.
  • Output Sets of Items for External Crafting ( send 4 gold / 4 iron; repeat. instead of 128 gold, then 128 iron ) - Done rv13.a

Refused Features

  • Enabling use of NEI to populate Pattern Encoder. - I think this is cheating, don't argue with me about it, and stop asking.
  • Bigger Interfaces/Drives/Export/Import/Storage/_____ - There are options already available that don't require 'bigger' blocks.
  • Sneaky functionality for Interface/Bus - I personally like how sided behavior works, if you really want this LP has it.
  • Computer Craft Integration - There are two or three mods that provide this already.
  • Supplier Bus Capable of Stocking Items - Use a Sub subnetwork.
  • Slot Bus Capable of sending items to a certian slot - Blocks should have sided behavior to make this possible.
  • What to Exclude from the import bus / Inverted Filtering for Buses - Unnessiary, see blacklists.
  • Shared Import / Export in a single bus - This to me just seems like a way to use one less block.
  • Level Emitter Accepts input, to only emit if the input is either off or on - Use rednet / computercraft / redstone or another logic mod.
  • Convert to / from diffrent power systems and provide power to blocks - AE isn't about converting or moving power.
  • Adding Liquid Storage / Buses - This might change if I run out of other stuff to do, but thats no where in sight.
  • Internal smelting of things similar to the Molecular Assembler Chamber - The current method is way more dynamic.
  • Automatic extraction from things using the Interface - Unessisary, just a way to use less blocks.
  • Automated Drive Defragmenting - Use an IO Port.
  • A unified UI for browsing/adding/removing Storage Cells from all Drives connected to the Network - Build one using a second network.
  • Storage Cells with more types per cell - just use more cells. 630 types per drive is already crazy.
  • Password protected storage - Security is planned - see here ( AE2 )
  • Super Long range / Interdimentional Wireless terminal - you can bump the range up in the config, and setup Bridges.
  • The Mining Grinder - This was an april fools joke, and it shall remain one.
  • Total Bytes Free / Used - Sounds more useful then it is, as it dosn't take into account for preformatting, rejections, and type usage.

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By AlgorithmX2
Certus Quartz Ore
Unmined certus quartz
Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz crystal with qualtiies that allow it to store energy.
Certus Quartz Dust
Ground Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz Grind Stone
Block which when used with a crank, can grind many ores and crystals into dusts.
ME Basic Processor
Crafting ingredient for a large amount of ME Technology.
ME Advanced Processor
Crafting ingredient for a some ME Technology.
Vibration Catalyst
Vibrates the molecules in the targeted block causing it to go though a process similar to smelting.
Entropy Accelerator
Accelerates the ageing and cools of a single block in the world.
ME Wireless Access Terminal
Wireless access terminal for use with wireless access points.
Matter Cannon
A small hand held device which is capable of shooting small nuggets of matter
Quantum Field Ring
Outer blocks of a quantum network bridge, take power and propagate network signal to and from the bridge
Quantum Entangled Singularity
A pair of items which are used to establish a connection between network bridges.
ME Pattern Provider
A part of the MAC multi-block that stored encoded patterns.
ME Crafting CPU
Crafting CPU for use in the MAC Multiblock
ME Heat Vent
Forms the outside walls of the MAC Multiblock
ME Assembler Containment Wall
Containment wall which forms the outside frame of the MAC Multiblock
ME Controller
The controller is the heart of any ME Network, it also accepts power for the network.
ME Drive
Drive which can store up to 10 Storage Cells, and provides their inventory to the network
ME Chest
A simple single storage cell machine which gives direct access to the contents of a single cell, and provides the cells inventory to the network.
ME Access Terminal
Gives full access to the entire content of an ME Network
ME Crafting Terminal
Terminal which also functions as a Crafting table.
ME Crafting Monitor
Displays information about active crafting jobs, and lets you cancel jobs.
ME Cable
Uncolored cable that can connect ME Devices.
ME Import Bus
Imports items into the network, by removing them from the connected inventories
ME Export Bus
Exprots items out of the network, by placing them into connected inventories
ME Level Emitter
Outputs redstone signals depending on the number of a configured item in the network.
ME Storage Bus
Includes an external inventory such as a chest, into the networks storage.
ME Interface
Acts like a small inventory that can import and export to the network, also used in the crafting process.
ME IO Port
Can load and unload storage cells into and out of the network connected.
ME Wireless Access Point
Provides a range of wireless access at the point where the item is placed.
ME Dark Cable
Toggleable cable which can be used to segment your network into diffrent segments to alter functionality or reduce power drain.
ME Storage Monitor
Can be configured to display the number of a specific item that are stored in the network; can also be upgraded to insert / remove that item.
ME Power Relay
Block which accepts power and relays it to attached networks
ME Transition Plane
Surface which converts anything that touches it into energy form
P2P Tunnel
Point 2 Point Tunnel which can be configured to route items/power/liquids from one point to another in a network.
Spatial Pylon
A Marker used to mark a region of space for capture or deploy ment
ME Spatial IO Port
An IO Port used to capture / deploy regions of space defined by pylons.
ME Pattern Encoder
Used to convert blank patterns, into encoded patterns.
ME Partition Editor
Configure Storage cells to hold diffrent types of items and change how your system stores items.
ME Condenser
Condenses items and blocks into raw energy which can be dispersed or converted into a few select items
ME Bus Memory Card
Memory card that can be used to store, and transfer settings