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Color Applicator

Tool which allows you to paint in world objects with Paint Balls or any dye items; which are less efficient then paint balls. Supports all four types of ME Cables and other forge coloring compatible blocks such as IC2 power cables as well as all vanilla wools, glass blocks, glass panes and hardened clay.

You can shift click in the air, or hold shift and scroll the mouse wheel to change the selected color of the applicator.

Functions like a storage cell which can hold Paint Balls of all colors, so i can be loaded with an ME Chest. And like other tools requires power and can be charged in the Charger.

In addition to coloring with paint balls it can be used to remove colors from cables, and clean paint balls off of walls when you use snow balls inside it.

Also functions in the dispenser as a means to color blocks that are in front of it.


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