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Molecular Assembler

The assembler is a powered machine which crafts items, it can be upgraded by inserting Acceleration Cards into it; once upgraded it is very fast.

Functions in one of two modes, single pattern mode or interface fed mode.

Single Pattern Mode

Uses a single Encoded Pattern (must be a crafting recipe) inserted into the assembler to craft an item without a crafting network.

This makes it useful in stand alone setups or in configurations where it can be fed by other mods and even chained together to to craft a final output. Items will be accepted from any side and exported into any available inventories.

Interface Fed Mode

Uses the Encoded Patterns (must be a crafting recipe)  from attached ME Interface to craft items when they are requested by the Crafting CPU.

Note, this mode requires that the assembler not contain a Encoded Pattern; the pattern slot must be empty.


Possible Upgrades

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