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Fluix Crystal

A Crystal never found in nature; it is created by a reaction between Nether Quartz and Charged Certus Quartz Crystal when placed in water together with Redstone; this reaction gives you 2 crystals, by converting both Nether Quartz and Charged Certus Quartz Crystal into Fluix Crystal.

This Crystal poses the unique property to absorb and convert energy from one form to another, and is the foundation of all derived technology.

Crystal yield can be improved by using purification by growing the raw crystals into Pure Fluix Crystal.

Crafting Fluix Crystal is done in world by placing Charged Certus Quartz CrystalNether Quartz and Redstone in the same block of water, after a moment it will react, and convert into two crystals of Fluix Crystal.


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Nether Quartz
Charged Certus Quartz Crystal
Fluix Crystal
Pure Fluix Crystal