Change Log

Version rv14.finale - Released Saturday, December 28th 2013 9.17PM -06:00

  1. Energy Cell is now placeable in world
  2. Energy Cells connect to ME Networks, and contribute to total energy storage.
  3. Power Added to the network after the controller is full wil be stored in energy cells.
  4. As powered is drained from the network it will drain from energy cells first.
  5. Added new Flexible Network Event API, allowing for Addon Events, as well as AE Interaction Events.
  6. Added new Additional features to AE Power API.
  7. Added Storage Event, and Power Event.
  8. Deprecated IStorageAware API.
  9. Networks now have a short boot time based on network size varies from 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  10. Booting status is visible via the terminals / montors as a spinning circle while the network is booting.
  11. Durring the boot phase buses, and crafting are Paused, and resume work booting is complete.
  12. Added API changed to notify machines of the networks status.
  13. Placing Networkable blocks now reset networks only when the connections of that network acctually change.
  14. Disassembling an Energy Cell with a wrench drops an item with a charge.
  15. Added new Crafting Pattern API.
  16. Added new Crafting Provider API.
  17. Re-wrote Interfaces to use new Crafting Provider API.
  18. Removed a large number of "dead" API files.
  19. Added Spacial Pylons - Video
  20. Spacial Pylons form a "MB Pylon" when 2 or more are strung together in a row.
  21. All Spacial Pylons on a network must form the outer box of a region of space, this reagion can be any size.
  22. All Spacial Pylons on a network must be in the "Walls" of the space box, or they report a red status of invalid.
  23. Added P2P Tunnel
  24. Tunnel can be attuned to carry diffrent payloads, by clicking on it with certain items.
  25. Tunnels can be configured using the Bus Memory card, which allows you to select your input, and outputs.
  26. Tunnels can be attuned for Items, this connects to inventories, and pipes. ( flat cost 2.0ae/t )
  27. Tunnels can be attuned for redstone, this caries redstone signals from point to points ( flat cost 0.5ae/t )
  28. Tunnels can be attuned for BC Power, input -> outputs ( 0.5ae/t + 5% MJ/t at the hosting controller )
  29. Tunnels can be attuned for IC2 Power, input -> outputs ( 0.5ae/t + 5% EU/t at the hosting controller )
  30. Tunnels can be attuned for Liquids, transport liquids from an input to many outputs ( flat 2.0 ae/t )
  31. Added Certus Quartz Pillars
  32. Added Certus Quartz Chisled Blocks
  33. Added Spatial IO Port
  34. Added Moveable Tile API
  35. Added New Storage Cell API Method for optional storage cells.
  36. Crafting jobs are no longer lost when the network is reset.
  37. Enhanced Power API for large drains.
  38. Controller now has a fixed storage of 10,000 AE instead of using a dynamicly sized battery.
  39. 1.6.2 Only - IC2 Support for Non-Experimental Branch has been dropped ( sorry )
  40. 1.6.2 Only - Added Support for RotaryCraft Power
  41. Controller now displays the total networked power storage.
  42. 1.6.2 Only - Updated MFR API to use skyboy's DSU API.
  43. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed a bug with Facades not dropping.
  44. Middle Clicking a craftable item with any quantity in the terminal will now open the crafting gui.
  45. Fixed an API issue for NBT Tags.
  46. Now uses the UE BC Ratio to convert UE to AE.
  47. Added Support For RF Power ( TE's New Power System. )

Version rv13.c - Released Wednesday, September 18th 2013 2.41PM -05:00

  1. Added option to disable villager trading.
  2. Fixed particle rendering glitch with TPlanes and Quantum network bridges.
  3. Performance improvements in creative cell.
  4. Fixed bug with storage bus and "Configure by contents"
  5. Creative Cell now "stores" the items it is partitioned too as well.
  6. Fixed an issue with storage buses reporting possible destinations when formated.
  7. Moved a method to subclasses to fix a re-obfuscation bug ( Fix for MyTown compat )
  8. 1.6.2 Only - AE now registers its full cubes as sealed in Galacticraft.
  9. Transition Planes can no longer break air blocks.
  10. Added a Transition Plane blacklist to the config.
  11. New API IOrientableTile
  12. Better Storage Proxy now looks for lowercase modid instead of with capitals.
  13. Added a new ITileCable to lt other mods create cables that blend with with AE's internal cables.
  14. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed issue with IC2 LF machines.

Version rv13.b - Released Sunday, September 1st 2013 2.55PM -05:00

  1. Improved LP integration in terminal display.
  2. AE can now request items from LP if they show up in LP later.
  3. AE now ignores ISpecial for extracting items ( still uses special inter behavior. )
  4. Removed Special BC pipe code, uses standard API for 1.5.2 now. ( yes I know that items don't show up in the first pipe )
  5. Fixed Wrench behavior with some blocks.
  6. Fixed some weird coloration on red terminals.
  7. 1.6.2 - Missing Languages
  8. 1.6.2 - Improved API Packaging
  9. Increased NBT Storage in packets for terminal.
  10. Crafting slot in Crafting Terminal no longe registers a double click as a third click.
  11. Tweaked Storage Monitor Renderer.
  12. Bunch of minor visual tweaks.
  13. Relaxed Forge Requirements for 1.5.X
  14. Fixed a crash caused by ISided returning null for accessible sides.

Version rv13.a - Released Tuesday, August 27th 2013 10.45PM -05:00

  1. Interfaces now dump items for crafting patterns in "Sets" rather then dumping all of the first item, and then the next.
  2. Terminals now appear 'fluix colored' when set down instead of blue.
  3. Crafting Terminals now appear 'fluix colored' when set down instead of blue.
  4. Crafting Monitors now appear 'fluix colored' when set down instead of blue.
  5. Storage Monitors now appear 'fluix colored' when set down instead of blue.
  6. Fixed Bug with Trapped Chests and Double Chests being considered part of the same "Double Chest"
  7. Added ME Creative Cell - contains an infinite amount of items that have been partitioned on to it.
  8. Improved network utilization when a network is having power issues.
  9. Performance Improvements when modifying large networks.
  10. Rewrote Util Api, to be more expandable in the future.
  11. Added Memory Card API
  12. Added ME Bus Memory Card that can save, and restore settings.
  13. 1.6.2 Only - AE will no longer ship with any External API's
  14. 1.6.2 Only - Export Bus and Storage Bus can now interact with pipes again.
  15. The Partition Editor can now configure Comparison modes for Storage Cells
  16. The Fuzzy Storage Buss can now have its Comparison mode changed.
  17. The Interface can now opt-out of crafting when exporting.
  18. The Interface can now be configured into a blocking mode.
  19. Fixed bug with recursive network inclusion.
  20. Fixed bug with storage bus settings and network inclusion.
  21. Storage Monitor can now display up to 999B.
  22. Terminal Slots can now display up to 999B.
  23. Terminal Tool tips can now show up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807
  24. Terminal now supports RegEx
  25. Added Setting on terminal screen to control cursor/focus behavior.
  26. Added NEI Sync Setting for terminal search box.
  27. Fixed Dark Cable rendering.
  28. 1.6.2 Only - Added Storage Bus Compatibility for new FZ Barrels.
  29. AE now black lists its blocks from portal gun and gravity gun.
  30. AE Controller GUI now has a scroll bar.
  31. AE Controller GUI now render items with basic 'lit' appearance so they look less flat .
  32. Controller now shows tooltips for Items in the GUI.
  33. Can now configure Allowed vs Rejected items on Partition Editor, and Storage Bus.
  34. If identical recipes are placed in separate interfaces AE will rollover/load bance the processing, useful with #18
  35. Fixed a bug where storage cells could be stored in them selves ( again ).
  36. You can now select what power units display in the controller.
  37. Crafting Monitor now reports data responsively and uses less bandwidth.
  38. Power Display on the the controller now reports network usage ( + subnetwork usage ).
  39. Power Display now reports "IDLE" usage when offline.
  40. Fixed issue with no power usage when drawing power from LP.
  41. Facades - Support for colored facades. ( RC Glass )
  42. Matter cannon now works on Ender dragon and End Crystals.
  43. Fixed an issue where Power Relays can register multiple times on a single network.
  44. Upgraded Version checker to support channels, and report updates for dev builds.
  45. Added an option to disable conversion matrices on Storage Monitors
  46. Black List API now supports black listing an entire ItemID ( API )
  47. Partition Editor now functions on all storage cells, not just Basic Cells. ( API )
  48. Fixed bug with Import buses not skipping items it can't store, and continuing.
  49. Re-did the rendering of storage monitors items.
  50. Fixed crash when Grindstone crank is moved, or destroyed and he renderer isn't cleaned up.
  51. Entropy Accelerator now drains power again ( whoops? )
  52. Vastly improved bandwidth usage for terminal new version uses about 40% the bandwidth for large payloads, also faster.
  53. Partition Editor no longer forces cursor focus into text box.
  54. Redstone dust can no longer be placed on dark cable.
  55. Fixed a bug with Rendering of Dark Cables and colored variants.
  56. Fixed a distance bug with the matter cannon when shooting mobs.
  57. Removed White listing on transition planes, leaving only the black list.
  58. Cables / Buses / Terminals in Inventory now appear as Fluix Colored.
  59. 1.6.2 - Added support for IC2-Experimental.
  60. Added BlackList API to IMEInventoryHandler
  61. Fixed bug with Dark cable and Power Relays.
  62. Fixed an issue with Storage Buses and terminals desynchronizing on some storages.
  63. Re-did storage monitor syncing.
  64. Added Storage Monitor API.
  65. Text changes for tooltips for Level Emitter.
  66. AE Now detects changes in item / block ID during construction.
  67. Fixed bug with Storage Bus extracting items against ISided Rules. ( rc8 )
  68. Storage Bus Now hides items from its reported inventory if they are not extractable. ( rc8 )
  69. Fixed a synchronization issues in pattern encoder.
  70. Items forced out of the interface for crafting now go the correct direction in pipes.
  71. Performance increases for MAC, when refreshing network, and when using it as an inventory, such as a storage bus.
  72. Fixed a potential crash in crafting system.

Version rv12.b - Released Thursday, August 8th 2013 11.27AM -05:00

  1. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed NEI Plugin to work with new NEI Builds ( if you get a crash please update NEI )
  2. 1.6.2 Only - Two Stage ID Loading is back.
  3. 1.6.2 Only - Fixed bug with facades not dropping.
  4. Fixed a bug with IC2 Painter integration
  5. Fixed issue with Tiny TNT not disabling.
  6. Crafting monitor should now properly report missing materials again.
  7. Removed Logging from villagers.
  8. Fixed a bug with IMCs.
  9. Fixed bug with Matter cannon knock back.
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Certus Quartz Ore
Unmined certus quartz
Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz crystal with qualtiies that allow it to store energy.
Certus Quartz Dust
Ground Certus Quartz Crystal
Quartz Grind Stone
Block which when used with a crank, can grind many ores and crystals into dusts.
ME Basic Processor
Crafting ingredient for a large amount of ME Technology.
ME Advanced Processor
Crafting ingredient for a some ME Technology.
Vibration Catalyst
Vibrates the molecules in the targeted block causing it to go though a process similar to smelting.
Entropy Accelerator
Accelerates the ageing and cools of a single block in the world.
ME Wireless Access Terminal
Wireless access terminal for use with wireless access points.
Matter Cannon
A small hand held device which is capable of shooting small nuggets of matter
Quantum Field Ring
Outer blocks of a quantum network bridge, take power and propagate network signal to and from the bridge
Quantum Entangled Singularity
A pair of items which are used to establish a connection between network bridges.
ME Pattern Provider
A part of the MAC multi-block that stored encoded patterns.
ME Crafting CPU
Crafting CPU for use in the MAC Multiblock
ME Heat Vent
Forms the outside walls of the MAC Multiblock
ME Assembler Containment Wall
Containment wall which forms the outside frame of the MAC Multiblock
ME Controller
The controller is the heart of any ME Network, it also accepts power for the network.
ME Drive
Drive which can store up to 10 Storage Cells, and provides their inventory to the network
ME Chest
A simple single storage cell machine which gives direct access to the contents of a single cell, and provides the cells inventory to the network.
ME Access Terminal
Gives full access to the entire content of an ME Network
ME Crafting Terminal
Terminal which also functions as a Crafting table.
ME Crafting Monitor
Displays information about active crafting jobs, and lets you cancel jobs.
ME Cable
Uncolored cable that can connect ME Devices.
ME Import Bus
Imports items into the network, by removing them from the connected inventories
ME Export Bus
Exprots items out of the network, by placing them into connected inventories
ME Level Emitter
Outputs redstone signals depending on the number of a configured item in the network.
ME Storage Bus
Includes an external inventory such as a chest, into the networks storage.
ME Interface
Acts like a small inventory that can import and export to the network, also used in the crafting process.
ME IO Port
Can load and unload storage cells into and out of the network connected.
ME Wireless Access Point
Provides a range of wireless access at the point where the item is placed.
ME Dark Cable
Toggleable cable which can be used to segment your network into diffrent segments to alter functionality or reduce power drain.
ME Storage Monitor
Can be configured to display the number of a specific item that are stored in the network; can also be upgraded to insert / remove that item.
ME Power Relay
Block which accepts power and relays it to attached networks
ME Transition Plane
Surface which converts anything that touches it into energy form
P2P Tunnel
Point 2 Point Tunnel which can be configured to route items/power/liquids from one point to another in a network.
Spatial Pylon
A Marker used to mark a region of space for capture or deploy ment
ME Spatial IO Port
An IO Port used to capture / deploy regions of space defined by pylons.
ME Pattern Encoder
Used to convert blank patterns, into encoded patterns.
ME Partition Editor
Configure Storage cells to hold diffrent types of items and change how your system stores items.
ME Condenser
Condenses items and blocks into raw energy which can be dispersed or converted into a few select items
ME Bus Memory Card
Memory card that can be used to store, and transfer settings